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Во всех районах города

Although the national language is Ukrainian, the citizens speak Russian, so you can practise the language wherever you go and whatever you do there. The city is located in the south-west of the country, on the shores of the Black Sea and known for its culture and history all over the world. It is an energetic multinational city with long beaches, European architecture and a great number of entertainment spots.

The resort area of Odessa stretches for dozens of kilometers along the coast of the sea. One of the most popular resort and entertainment districts of Odessa is Arcadia. On its territory there are motels and baths, a resort clinic, tourist facilities, hotels and numerous restaurants, night clubs and other entertainment establishments operating in summer 24 hours a day. The curative mud estuaries and mineral springs attract many tourists to Odessa as well. According to various sources in the summer the population of Odessa is increasing by 2-5 times.